Discover the Simple System that DOUBLES Your Client RESULTS & REVENUE (plus Retention, Referrals and 5-Star Reviews)…and How You Get Paid Up to $17K to Install it in Your Fitness Business

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Are You CRIPPLING Your Own Business?

If you're a results-focused gym or online trainer serving regular busy people, then the #1 health and fitness goal for the majority of your clients and prospects is weight/fat loss, right?

And we know weight/fat loss results are 70%+ about nutrition. What they eat, how much, and when.

But traditional nutrition programs are either too complicated or too restrictive. Most 'regular' people don't want to count calories, track macros, plan meals or give up their favorite food and drink.

They'll try. But at least 50% of folks struggle and quit with traditional nutrition programs.

You already know this. You experience it daily with your own clients. 20%-50% comply and get great results.

But what about the other 50%+ of your clients who don't? 

It's easy to get mad at them. To blame them for lack of compliance.

But don't you bear some responsibility too? Isn't it your job to give all your clients the absolute best chance to DELIGHT all of them (not just half) they stay with you and refer others?

And what about all the prospective clients out there desperately searching for a simple solution? 

By trying to force a square peg into a round hole with just one "catch-all" nutrition solution, aren't you crippling your own business...missing out on so much more opportunity... 

...and leaving so much money on the table for your competitors to grab?

If you want to delight ALL your clients (not just some) so they stay longer, pay more, refer more and provide you with GLOWING testimonials and 5-star Google reviews...

...then the solution is simple:

Give Them What They Really Want

A Simple and Sustainable Way to Lose Weight/Fat Quickly and Easily...and Get That Lean & Toned Look They Covet

Here's How...

FAT Method Worlds Greatest Weight Loss Program

The F.A.T. Method® is a COMPLETE & DONE-FOR-YOU 8-Week Nutrition Weight Loss Program That Produces STUNNING Transformation Results Quickly and Easily

We Give You EVERYTHING You Need to Start Making Money and Getting Incredible Weight Loss Results for Your Clients Immediately:

  • The Simple and FREE F.A.T. Method Marketing System that Generates Sales Quickly and Consistently for You (Without Paid Advertising)
  • The F.A.T. Method Nutrition Weight Loss Program that Produces 15-30 Pound Weight Loss Results in Just 8 Weeks (With HUGE Profit Margins)

The F.A.T. Method is a Complete 'Bolt-On' Profit Center and New Client Generator. A Done-For-You, Ready-to-Implement Solution that Pays You AT LEAST DOUBLE Your Investment in 60 Days Or Less, Guaranteed! And Grows Your Business Every Month Thereafter. Keep Reading for All the Details...

5 Reasons The F.A.T. Method is Different and Better

  1. 1
    Tons of powerful CLIENT TESTIMONIALS you can use until you get your own. Kevin Valluzzi, the creator of The F.A.T. Method, has almost 600 clients, and more weight loss success stories than anyone else in the industry that I know of. You can ETHICALLY use those testimonials because they are for The F.A.T. Method - the same program you’ll be offering when you join us. And nothing gets attention and sales for you like PROOF! (See below for examples of all the testimonial proof you get to use immediately to attract and sell clients.)
  2. 2
    SIMPLE, EASY & SUSTAINABLE - unlike the complex and restrictive traditional nutrition programs out there that only work for the 20%-50% of people who are highly disciplined and compliant. The F.A.T. Method creates a caloric deficit with a unique and proprietary protocol we call "Intermittent Fasting 2.0". The specially customized fasting sequence Kevin Valluzzi created melts the pounds off, without calorie counting, meal planning, food journaling or doing any cardio at all. That means you can now get STUNNING results for the other 50%+ of your clients who still want to lose weight and body fat.
  3. 3
    GIVES PEOPLE WHAT THEY REALLY WANT. The #1 goal of the vast majority (probably 90%+) of the prospects for your services…is weight loss! Now you can use “The World’s Greatest Weight Loss Program™” to attract all the new clients you want, get stunning results for them in record time so your referrals, reviews and revenue double!
  4. 4
    GUARANTEED to at least DOUBLE your money in 60 days or less. And potentially increase your annual revenue by $30K to $100K+ (with huge profit margins). Kevin got almost 600 clients in less than 3 years without paying a dime in advertising. All he did was consistently share his amazing social proof success stories. And then the fit pros who came on board with us quickly began duplicating his success. Look at all the proof on this page from your fellow fit pros. THAT is why we’re so confident and certain this can be the game-changer for you that it was for them. Just follow our lead and let us help you implement this in your business. Nobody else offers such a ROCK-SOLID money back guarantee that completely removes your risk.
  5. 5
    MORE CLIENTS & MONEY! The F.A.T. Method gets you clients and makes you money in multiple ways:
  • As a Transformation Challenge FRONT-END OFFER producing stunning results that compel challengers to convert to clients.
  • As a point of sale ADD-ON for new clients (or you can bundle it into your services and raise your prices)!
  • As a REACTIVATOR for former clients - a powerful “reason why” they should come back.
  • As a word of mouth REFERRAL stimulator - because others can’t help but notice the results.
  • As an ONLINE PROGRAM you can sell worldwide without geographic limitations!
  • As a RENEWAL or PIF (paid in full) incentive.
  • As a simple weight loss program you can sell to CORPORATIONS - getting 20-50+ clients at a pop!
  • As a RETENTION tool - because people don’t leave when they’re getting amazing results they can't get anywhere else!
  • As a Google REVIEW generator - because people are so thrilled with their results! (Every 5-star review is a client-producing, money-making ASSET for you. Now you can get hundreds…fast!)

Look at all the weight loss testimonials (social proof) you get to use immediately to attract and sell new clients...

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Our AVERAGE New F.A.T. Method Coach Gets 16 Sales Worth $5,072 in Their First 20 Days

FAT Coaches Launch results

This shows the results our Coaches have produced right out of the gate with The F.A.T. Method. The average Coach gets 16 clients in just 20 days of joining us, and earns $5,072...WITHOUT ADVERTISING! There is NO other program or product producing numbers like these. Not one. Skeptical? Think this looks fishy? Just scroll down and you'll see the Facebook posts from our Coaches and video testimonials in their own words, showing these results.


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#1 - SET UP





This is as simple as it gets...

Because you do NOT need fancy funnel builders or special software to launch The F.A.T. Method and at least double your investment in 60 days or less.

Here's all you need:

  • A basic email marketing system like GetResponse, Convertkit, Aweber, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, etc. You can't be in business (at least not effectively) these days without this basic tech. So we assume you already have it. If you don't like the one you're using, or want advice on the one we recommend, we'll share that with you. It's about $19/mo.
  • A website. Another tool you really can't be doing business without. If you have the ability to add a page to your site, like, that is great. But it's not required. 
  • A Zoom account. Alternatively, you can use Facebook Live, but we recommend Zoom.
  • A free account. Many of our tools are provided as Canva templates. You do NOT need a paid account to access our templates.
  • A free Google Drive account. We provide some tools in Google Drive. You'll need to be able to copy them into your Google Drive. It's free and awesome.
  • A Facebook personal profile and/or Instagram (ideally both). We give you lots of great organic posts you can use to get tons of attention and interest in your F.A.T. Method program.
  • OPTIONAL - A account for one month ($15) if you want to create really sweet marketing and fulfillment videos. Not required.


The F.A.T. Method is for results-focused local/hybrid brick and mortar fitness businesses and online trainers. We have many successful Coaches from both categories. Following our marketing system, the "average" F.A.T. Method Coach makes $5072 in 30 days. Here are some more details about each... 

Local/Hybrid Brick & Mortar Fitness Businesses: The F.A.T. Method can become your primary in-house nutrition weight loss program, or you can use it alongside your traditional nutrition program. You can even combine them together. You can up-sell it to current clients, use it as a renewal incentive, or bundle it in with your training programs and raise your prices!

But that's just the beginning. Because The F.A.T. Method is the most potent "front-end offer" you'll ever find. It's the most irresistible and profitable way to get new clients by offering people exactly what they want: quick, simple and lasting weight loss! 

Online Personal Trainers: You can use The F.A.T. Method (TFM) as your irresistible "front-end-offer" to attract new clients and then transition them to your signature services. Or you can bundle TFM with your signature services and raise your prices. Either way you can be certain you will DOUBLE client results, referrals, reviews, retention and REVENUE.

Required for Rapid Success Regardless What Type of Business You Have: 

1)  The ability to follow instructions and take action. We have already figured this out. We have processes and marketing tools that absolutely work. Just follow instructions and take action.

2)  An email list of clients and prospects or an established social media audience (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are best) of at least 750 "friends, followers or subscribers". If you are a brand new business just starting out with no email list or audience, our "double your investment in 60 days or less" guarantee does NOT apply. You can still invest in The F.A.T. Method (TFM) and use it to successfully launch and grow your new business.

Kevin Valluzzi started with zero clients and zero social media audience except for family and friends and generated almost 600 clients with organic Facebook posting and referrals ONLY!

If you are diligent and committed, you can grow your business with TFM more quickly and certainly than ANY OTHER WAY.

3)  A "winners win" attitude. Winners don't make excuses, blame others, only work when they "feel like it" or endlessly chase shiny objects. Winners FOCUS and put forth the effort to succeed. Winners install systems in their business that produce leverage and certainty of outcome. That's what TFM is. We're NOT promising you a "magic bullet" or "make money while you sleep" B.S. program. Winning takes work. Period.

Daniel's Story:

"We got 48 clients and made $11,252 in 30 days. There's a WOW-FACTOR with The F.A.T. Method."

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Josh sold his first 17 clients in just 14 days and then got 37 more clients just 42 days later...

Josh 37 More F.A.T. Clients

What's the SECRET?

This feedback from one of Josh's F.A.T. clients tells you everything you need to know: amazing RESULTS produce amazing testimonials and eager, enthusiastic referrals...

Josh client results


When you're a F.A.T. Method Coach, here's the irresistible offer you can make, that nobody else can...

“Lose 10-30 pounds in 8 weeks without counting calories, following a meal plan or doing any cardio at all, guaranteed!”

That simple promise pulls in a non-stop flow of new clients for two reasons:

  1. 1
    It’s exactly what the vast majority of people WANT.
  2. 2
    It comes with so much PROOF they can’t ignore it.

In fact, in 25 years working with fitness businesses, I’ve never seen so many high-quality RESULTS-BASED testimonials come in so quickly and consistently.

And you can use them all to launch your new F.A.T. Method Program…

What is The F.A.T. "Method"?

It's super-simple for you to administer, with just 8 weekly recorded training videos plus 8 weekly live Q/A sessions. That's 95% of the "work". The other 5% is answering questions outside of the Q/A sessions and using your coaching skills to support and inspire your people.

And it's super-simple for your clients to use. They watch the training videos to learn how to do Intermittent Fasting 2.0 and they show up to your private Facebook group and live Q/A's for support and accountability. The strength training programming you give clients is up to you (we do provide online workouts you can give them, but we recommend you use your own to build stronger relationship with your clients).

Of course, you can supplement The F.A.T. Method with anything else you want your clients to know or do. So if you feel they should know how to count and  track macros, or you want them to complete food journals, or prepare meals on Sundays, etc. - you can add that on top of F.A.T. It's your choice. Or just keep it super-simple and use the program the way we give it to you. No fuss, no muss. BIG profits.


If you’re struggling to get clients consistently and grow your business the way you dream about - so it’s a REAL vehicle for prosperity and freedom for you and your family - it’s probably because…

You’re Just Like Everybody Else

At least, that’s how you appear to your target market.

And perception is reality.

The F.A.T. Method™ is the ultimate differentiator. It sets you apart like nothing else can.

Because it delivers PRECISELY what the vast majority of adults want…

  • Simple, fast and healthy weight loss, guaranteed.
  • They do NOT want to record every bite they eat in a journal or online app.
  • They do NOT want to count calories or starve themselves.
  • They do NOT want to do hours of mind-numbing cardio.
  • They do NOT want to follow strict meal plans.

They want the weight to almost effortlessly “melt away”.

And the F.A.T. Method does that in a healthy, simple and sustainable way.

Are You Skeptical About Intermittent Fasting?

Then take a minute to read this Facebook post from a highly credentialed athlete and personal trainer working for one of the most respected multi-location gyms in the USA, Iron Tribe Fitness, who used The F.A.T. Method to get her body back after injury...PLUS she coached dozens of her clients through The F.A.T. Method with stunning success... (click each image to expand so you can read it)

And here's a Facebook post from Mandy's boss, CEO of Iron Tribe Fitness, Forrest Walden...

Check out this blog post from "Atomic Habits" author James Clear...

(search "James Clear intermittent fasting" to find the article)

The Cheapest, Easiest and Highest Profit Offer

With your investment in The F.A.T. can start making money immediately.

All you need is a way to send emails and access to Facebook.

That's it.

And you don't need to slave away trying to create your own nutrition program...that people may not even want to buy! 

And even if you can sell it...will your customers get the promised results?

What if they don't? Refunds, angry customers, bad reviews...and back to the drawing board.

Imagine how frustrating and demoralizing it would be knowing all that time, effort and money was wasted.

You don't risk ANY of that with The F.A.T. Method.

Because we give you a TESTED AND PROVEN nutrition program that people buy like crazy (over 1200 clients as of this writing)...

A program that works like crazy, producing fast, simple and sustainable weight loss results. That's why we call it "The World’s Greatest Weight Loss Program™".

And because the program works so well - because your clients get such amazing weight loss results...

They tell their friends - so you get referrals like crazy.

Plus, the program is fulfilled mostly automatically, using tools we've already created for the profit margins are crazy big! 

That's why we can honestly say The F.A.T. Method™ is the cheapest, easiest and highest profit offer you can make.

And you can have it for a fraction of the COST & RISK you would incur trying to figure this out on your own.

Because all the hard, risky and expensive stuff is already handled for you. Already taken care of. So you don't have to worry about any of it.

We give you an amazingly powerful, attention-grabbing BRAND NAME...simple, proven and free marketing and fulfillment SYSTEMS... and 3 full months of exceptional COACHING & TRAINING to keep you moving forward with speed and success.

And the truth is you can generate $30K - $100K+ your FIRST year...with bare bones expense so the margins are nice and plump!

At Least Double Your R.O.I. in 60 Days (or Less)

FAT Results Steve Nunno Jan 2023

Steve's Story:

"We got 31 clients in 30 days for our first group. That's 30X ROI. I just followed the fast start plan exactly like you showed us."

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Barbara's Results 28 Clients in 10 Days
F.A.T. Results Calvin R
Kristen Harvey FAT Results January 2023
Vickie F.A.T. Results
Mike Duffy FAT results Jan 23
Barrie Scougal results FAT
Carlos Payte FAT results Jan 2023

About Price: Pricing is a science, and it takes time and testing to find the "sweet spot" - the perfect balance that allows you to maximize profits while minimizing price resistance. When that balance is achieved, the business is "optimized" to produce maximum clients, revenue and profit. And that's what Kevin has done. He's found that balance. So you'll know exactly what price point will generate the most clients and make you the most money.

The price we recommend you sell The F.A.T. Method 8-week program at varies depending on who you're selling to. If selling to an existing client (someone who is already paying you for a product/service) then $199 to $399 is recommended. If selling to a prospect, then $299 to $499 is recommended. And you can also "bundle" additional services with F.A.T. to charge even more if you like.

So, as you can see, with just a handful of sales, you can recover your investment in this program quickly - within days - like so many of our Coaches have. Everything from that point up to $250K*/year goes in your pocket. (*See royalty statement below by the order button.)

Leon F.A.T. results - $2500 NET profit in just 12 days
FAT results Kevin Furay january 2023
FAT results Sharon Jackson
Josh FAT results so easy
F.A.T. Results Dustin
Shawn F.A.T. Method results - 20 clients in 7 days

Sharon's Story:

"I got 22 clients at $497 each in my very first group in less than 30 days. And my clients are loving the results!"

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F.A.T. Results Kelsey
Kelsey results 2nd F.A.T. group in less than 10 weeks
Vickie FAT Results 2
Daniel Meng results FAT

Vickie's Story:

"I got 25 clients and made $7,100 in about 30 days. My clients are getting amazing results, and I love the simplicity of the program!"

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Here’s What You Get:

  • The BRAND NAME - $5000 Value

You get to use The F.A.T. Method® Registered Trademark brand name. This is a HUGE deal, because it creates so much curiosity and attention - which is the “currency” of marketing. Nothing can be sold without first getting attention.

  • 8 Week F.A.T. Method Weight Loss Program - $5000 Value

You get the COMPLETE program - everything you need to help all your clients get STUNNING weight loss results in just 8 weeks, without counting calories, meal planning, journaling, or doing any cardio at all. The program that's PROVEN to work on well over 1,200 clients (and counting). It's all done-for-you, ready to use right out of the "box". And you can customize/supplement the program with anything else you want to teach your clients (but nothing else is necessary). This is the CORE of the entire system. And it works so amazingly well!

  • Fast Start Launch and 2X ROI System and Tools - $900 Value

Step-by-step marketing implementation system and DONE-FOR-YOU tools for launching and generating sales almost immediately. This proven plan works so well we can guarantee you will AT LEAST 2X (double) your return on investment in your first 60 days or less. Every month after that is 100% pure profit for you!

  • Ready to Use F.A.T. Method Testimonials - $2000 Value

Because you are offering The F.A.T. Method® program, you can ethically use The F.A.T. Method® testimonials. And they are spectacular. In fact, they are your #1 marketing/sales tool. You get them in a variety of formats (word doc, image, video) that are powerful and simple to use, like this montage video...

  • Done-for-You Facebook Posts - $250 Value

Posts on weight/fat loss, fitness, mindset and nutrition that get attention, engage prospects and keep them focused on your solution. You don’t have to figure out what to say/post…Kevin has already done that for you!

  • Referral Marketing System & Tools - $500 Value

A unique and proprietary referral marketing system and done-for-you tools based on Kevin's success generating over ONE HUNDRED referrals from his F.A.T. Method clients. Implemented consistently, like we show you, this system can DOUBLE your clients - getting up to 50% of them referring one or more new people to you like clockwork.

  • Testimonial and Google Review Generation System - $500 Value

This is how you get massive LEVERAGE! This system and done-for-you tools can produce enthusiastic and eager testimonials and Google reviews from your F.A.T. Method clients. Testimonials and reviews are high-value assets that generate more and more new clients for you. And if you know anything about SEO (search engine optimization), then you know that every Google review gives your business more "clout" in the search engines, and done consistently, can get you to the TOP of the listings where new clients flow to you like water. 

  • Selling Strategies for Gyms and Online Trainers - $350 Value

You get the best practices we have developed for STRATEGICALLY incorporating F.A.T. into your business so you are making money from it every single day. There are many different ways to offer F.A.T. and maximize your earnings from it. 

  • 3 Months of Mastermind Training Calls - $450 Value

Monthly Zoom calls where we go in-depth on best practices, reinforcing fundamentals, and masterminding ways to grow your business even bigger with Kevin, me and your fellow F.A.T. Method Coaches.

  • 3 Months of Member Site and FB Group Support - $1000 Value

You’ll get instant access to our Member site with all the training and tools PLUS a private Facebook Group just for our F.A.T. Method™ Coaches so you can get super fast support and ongoing training with direct access to Kevin and me. Kevin built his F.A.T. Method business from nothing and generated almost 600 clients, earning six figures PART TIME. He's been there, done that and got the t-shirt. There's no issue you can run into that he has not successfully handled. Just do what he tells you to do. I've (Eric) been in the industry since 1998, have helped over ten thousand fit pros get more clients and make more money, sold over $10M in products and services online, another $10M offline, and am widely regarded as one of the premier marketing and copywriting experts in the industry.

PLUS These Fast Action BONUSES:

  • DFY New Year's Campaign - $500 Value

A step-by-step action plan and done-for-you marketing tools for exploding your profits on New Years and other major holidays and special events throughout the year, like Valentine's Day, St. Paddy's Day, Fourth of July, back to school, Halloween, etc. Done right, these special opportunities can produce BIG paydays for you.

  • 104 Clients In 16 Weeks With Organic Social Media ONLY - $500 Value

This is a high-powered training from Josh, one of our most successful F.A.T. Method Coaches. Josh was a full-time school teacher when he started with us just last year. His only method of marketing was organic social media posting on Facebook and Instagram. In just 16 weeks, he generated 104 clients without advertising. Just organic posts, reels and stories. In this special training, Josh shows you exactly how he did it. And you'll be blown away by how simple it is!

As you can see, you get EVERYTHING you need to at least 2X your return on investment within your first 60 days, and continue to generate thousands more, month-in and month-out:

You’re getting the BRAND, the SYSTEMS (marketing and fulfillment), the MARKETING TOOLS and the SUPPORT you need to potentially go from zero to six-figures in your very first year.

With incredibly high profit margins so you keep more of what you make.

And It's Just So Simple...

F.A.T. Justin so simple

What's the Investment?

For a UNIQUELY POWERFUL & PROPRIETARY program like this - a truly DIFFERENTIATING solution that works like crazy, producing amazing social proof, word of mouth referrals, renewals, retention and reviews, plus up to six figures or more in additional, high-profit revenue... would expect to pay a "high ticket" fee of $8,000 to $12,000 or more.

But if you're decisive and quick you won't pay anywhere close to that.

We’re offering The F.A.T. Method™ for a tiny fraction of what it's worth. PLUS, there's this...


Follow our simple, step-by-step fast start plan using the done-for-you marketing tools and we guarantee you will earn back at least DOUBLE your investment within 60 days or less. If not, we'll refund your investment and part friends. All we ask is that you do three things to qualify: 1) Show up for your private onboarding zoom with us, 2) Execute the provided plan - put it into action, and 3) Ask for help if you get stuck. We can make this bold guarantee because our Coaches prove over and over again that if you follow the plan, you get the results. You can be next!

You Get It All For $1995

4 monthly payments of just $439

You SAVE $239 With 4-Pay Option

Or one payment of just $1495

You SAVE $500 With 1-Pay Option


Kevin and I don't outsource to staff for onboarding calls and support. We work with you personally because we want to get to know you ourselves, just like you probably want to get to know us.

So we can only accept a small number of new F.A.T. Method Coaches each time we open the doors.

Additionally, the discounted price above is real. We may not offer it again. And finally...why would you possibly want to wait? This is a risk-free, guaranteed opportunity to DOUBLE your client results, referrals, retention, reviews and revenue with a high-profit PROVEN program.


Yes, that’s my real number. And I’ll personally respond. Just please be respectful and text ONLY. Thanks.

- Eric Ruth

P.S. Decisiveness is a hallmark of effective entrepreneurs. You already know what you should do. This is too real and too good to pass up. If you have a burning question, TEXT ME. Otherwise, grab your spot now before it's gone.

Kelsey on quality of F.A.T. group

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