Here’s EVERYTHING You Need to INSTANTLY Launch a Simple and Scalable Six-Figure Weight Loss Program for Your Gym, Studio or Health Club, That’s So IRRESISTIBLE to Anyone Wanting to Lose Weight, We Call It…


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FAT Method Worlds Greatest Weight Loss Program

What You're Getting From Us When You Become a F.A.T. Method Coach:

#1: The INCREDIBLE F.A.T. Method Brand Name that produces throat-grabbing attention and irresistible curiosity...which is the first and most important step in marketing.  

#2: The PROVEN F.A.T. Method Weight Loss Program that produces almost amazing weight loss results for clients. That's why we call it "The World's Greatest Weight Loss Program". You can sell it and keep 100% of the profits up to $250,000 per year (over $250K/year a 5% royalty kicks in). The program is done-for-you, ready to implement immediately (with your customizations), so you can make money immediately. It's 100% online fulfillment (unless you want to add an in-person component), and 90% automated fulfillment. So the profit margins are HUGE.

#3: The PROVEN F.A.T. Method Marketing System that generated 516+ clients in 23 months and six-figures in profit for Kevin (and now dozens of our F.A.T. Method Coaches are hot on his tail - see proof below). It's 100% free organic marketing on social media and with email and referrals. But...if you're interested in advertising to turbo-charge your results...we have that too (see below for details). 

#4: 12 Months of Coaching, Training, Optimization and Support from Kevin and me. We are building something serious and special here. And you have the opportunity to get in early, on the ground floor, and ride this brand name to the top with us. We WANT you to succeed. And we bust our butts to help and support all our Coaches. We're not just selling stuff and walking away. We're with you every step of the way to your business growth and profit goals! 


Since filming that video interview with Kevin in October 2022, we have added dozens of F.A.T. Coaches who are now exploding their business with The F.A.T. Method®. In fact...

Even if You're Just "Average", You Could Have 16 F.A.T. Method Clients, Earning You $5,072 Within Just 20 Days After Joining Us!

FAT Coaches Launch results

This spreadsheet shows the results our Coaches have produced right out of the gate with The F.A.T. Method. The average Coach gets 16 clients in just 20 days of joining us, and earns $5,072...WITHOUT ADVERTISING! There is NO other program or product producing numbers like these. Not one. Skeptical? Think this looks fishy? Just scroll down and you'll see the Facebook posts from our Coaches and video testimonials in their own words, showing these results. It's all 100% legit.

Here's how Josh, a brand new F.A.T. Method Coach, got 17 clients in 14 days...without advertising


And that's just for starters. This is easily a $100K to $200K per year "business in a box" ready to be deployed immediately, so you make money immediately.

Our F.A.T. Method Coaches have already proven that beyond a doubt (see below). And that's why we're willing to flat out guarantee that if you just follow our simple, step-by-step Fast Start Marketing Plan, you'll quickly and easily recover at least THREE TIMES your investment within your first 30 days...or your money back. 

Why would we offer you such an IRON-CLAD money-back guarantee? 

Because we KNOW The F.A.T. Method works. It's tested and proven over and over again. Follow instructions and you WILL make 3X your money with us in your first 30 days or you don't pay. Period.


What if you could help so many more people, and make so much more money, so much easier than what you're doing now? Would that interest you?


In the past 23 months, my friend Kevin generated over 516 weight loss clients and built a six-figure business PART TIME (he works a full-time job).

And he did that without 5-day challenges, webinars or high-pressure selling…

…and without landing pages, funnels or spending even a single dollar on advertising.

  • Kevin uses just his Facebook timeline and a free group that he posts to a couple times each day, $19/month email service, $14/month Zoom, and Venmo or Paypal to take payments.

That's it.

And his FB posts are simple, like these:


Kevin’s UNIQUE, PROPRIETARY (copyrighted and trademarked) and MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL weight loss program is called “The F.A.T. Method™”.

Here’s the promise he makes to consumers:

“Lose 15-20 pounds in 8 weeks without counting calories, following a meal plan or doing any cardio at all!”

That simple promise pulls in a non-stop flow of new clients for two reasons:

  1. 1
    It’s exactly what people WANT.
  2. 2
    It comes with so much PROOF they can’t ignore it.

In fact, in over 20 years working with fitness businesses, I’ve never seen so many high-quality RESULTS-BASED testimonials come in so quickly and consistently.

Kevin has almost 100 more like these…


Keep It Super Simple (K.I.S.S.) is one of the core tenets of The F.A.T. Method™, both in how it’s marketed, and how it’s fulfilled.

Because simple WORKS BEST!

And, simplicity is what people REALLY WANT.

Not just people that are trying to lose weight…but also business people like you and me.

Nobody wants complexity in their lives and business.

And that's why our offer to you is so simple.

Here it is…

There are just 4 things you need to potentially duplicate Kevin’s 516+ clients and six-figure NET profit success with The F.A.T. Method™:

  1. 1
    The BRAND NAME because it’s SO powerful at generating attention and curiosity, which is JOB #1 in marketing.
  2. 2
    The exact (super simple, but incredibly effective) MARKETING SYSTEM that Kevin uses to secure 516 clients in 23 months.
  3. 3
    The exact (super simple, but incredibly effective) FULFILLMENT SYSTEM that Kevin uses to get amazing results for his clients.
  4. 4
    Expert COACHING & SUPPORT - FOR ONE FULL YEAR - from Kevin and me to answer any questions you have and help you ride this rocket to six-figures FAST by just FOLLOWING THE PLAN.

That’s it. Those 4 things. That’s what we’re offering…

But you need to hurry. Here's why:

First, the price is going up by $500 when we hit the deadline.

Second, there is a VERY real possibility that we will transition to an AREA-EXCLUSIVE offering, and your area could no longer be available if you wait.

Third, if you're a local business, what happens if your competitor down the street grabs this first?

Fourth, if you're online only, how the heck are you gonna compete against the HUNDREDS (soon to be thousands) of powerful, measurable weight loss testimonials The F.A.T. Method produces? 


Here are 3 ways you can get clients and make money with The F.A.T. Method™ Weight Loss Program:


The F.A.T. Method™ 8-week weight loss program can be the perfect high-profit front-end offer to attract gen-pop clients.

It delivers the weight loss results people want FIRST and FOREMOST, priming them for your fitness training services on the back-end... because now they’ve got momentum and confidence from losing the weight.

And they want to keep that going, and build on it!


The F.A.T. Method is the ultimate nutrition solution for your existing clients.

You can run The F.A.T. Method™ 8-week weight loss program 3-4 times each year for your clients. Or you can offer it as an "evergreen" nutrition program add-on (up-sell) to each new client that signs up for your training services.

And there's no reason at all why you can't do Money-Maker #1 AND #2 at the same time, if you want to make even more money.


The perfect stand-alone business. Which is exactly how Kevin runs it.

The F.A.T. Method™ is the fastest, easiest and most CERTAIN way to launch a profitable, simple and satisfying online weight loss business and make six-figures NET PROFIT your first year.

Because remember - we give you EVERYTHING you need. The marketing system, the fulfillment system, the amazing BRAND and one full year of COACHING and support.

In This Video I Walk You Through How The F.A.T. Method Can Produce $100K to $200K for You in 2023

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If You Read Nothing Else, at Least Read This...


If you’re struggling to get clients consistently and grow your business the way you dream about - so it’s a REAL vehicle for prosperity and freedom for you and your family - it’s probably because…

You’re Just Like Everybody Else

At least, that’s how you appear to your target market.

And perception is reality.

The F.A.T. Method™ is the ultimate differentiator. It sets you apart like nothing else can.

Because it delivers PRECISELY what the vast majority of adults want…

  • Simple, fast and healthy weight loss, guaranteed.
  • They do NOT want to sweat and struggle pumping iron.
  • They do NOT want to count calories or starve themselves.
  • They do NOT want to do hours of mind-numbing cardio.
  • They do NOT want to follow strict meal plans.

They want the weight to effortlessly “melt away”.

And Kevin has figured out how to do that in a healthy, simple and sustainable way.

  • He’s generated over 516 weight loss clients in just 23 months with basic Facebook posts (and he gives them all to you so you don’t have to figure out what to say).
  • He's flooded with RESULTS-BASED testimonials, often without even asking, PROVING how well his method works (and you get them all to use so you can start fast).
  • His clients talk him up like crazy, providing ultra-powerful word of mouth marketing and dozens of new clients by referral…because they LOVE the results.
  • And because it’s all so simple and straightforward, Kevin’s been able to build a six-figure business in his spare time

Is It Just a COVID Thing?

Is Kevin’s explosive growth from 0 to 516 paying clients in 23 months just a COVID phenomenon?

Heck no.

September 2022 was his BIGGEST MONTH yet with 52 new clients.

Here’s a screenshot from inside his F.A.T. Method private client group. 52 new clients + some former clients who are on Kevin’s monthly maintenance program (recurring revenue - another one of the many HUGE benefits of this amazing program).

Ask Yourself This...

Who else has generated 516 clients in the last 23 months with just simple organic Facebook posts and zero “salesmanship” (people just buy, they don’t need to be sold)…

…received almost 100 POWERFUL, RESULTS-BASED testimonials…

…and earned a six-figure NET income PART TIME?

To the best of my knowledge, the answer is: NOBODY.

Kevin is the real deal.

And his F.A.T. Method™ is too.

It’s something very, very special, presenting you with a very, very special opportunity to realize your dreams - to make the money you’ve always wanted AND have the time and freedom to enjoy it. 

BETTER Than a Franchise… And at a Tiny Fraction of the Cost

People invest in franchises because the BRAND, the SUPPORT, and the SYSTEMS increase the odds of success.

But most fitness franchises can cost $50K to $100K or more with fees and build out.

And it can take a full year or more just to recover your investment.

The F.A.T. Method™ can be yours for a fraction of the cost of a franchise…

...with a better, more attention-grabbing BRAND...simple, proven and free marketing and fulfillment SYSTEMS (so you keep more of what you make)...and exceptional, responsive COACHING, SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY in our Facebook Group.

And the truth is you can easily NET six-figures your FIRST year...with as little as 10-12 hours per week. (Remember, Kevin nets six-figures working PART TIME. He has a full-time job.)

It More Than Pays for Itself in 30 Days (or Less)

FAT Results Steve Nunno Jan 2023
Barbara's Results 28 Clients in 10 Days
Vickie F.A.T. Results
Mike Duffy FAT results Jan 23
F.A.T. Results Calvin R
Barrie Scougal results FAT
Kristen Harvey FAT Results January 2023

About Price: Pricing is a science, and it takes time and testing to find the "sweet spot" - the perfect balance that allows you to maximize profits while minimizing price resistance. When that balance is achieved, the business is "optimized" to produce maximum clients, revenue and profit. And that's what Kevin has done. He's found that balance. So you'll know exactly what price point will generate the most clients and make you the most money.

The price we recommend you sell The F.A.T. Method 8-week program at varies depending on who you're selling to. If selling to an existing client (someone who is already paying you for a product/service) then $199 to $399 is recommended. If selling to a prospect, then $299 to $499 is recommended. And you can also "bundle" additional services with F.A.T. to charge even more if you like.

So, as you can see, with just a handful of sales, you can recover your investment in this program quickly - within days - like so many of our Coaches have. Everything from that point up to $250K*/year goes in your pocket. (*See royalty statement below by the order button.)

Granville Mayers FAT results 10 clients in 10 days
Carlos Payte FAT results Jan 2023
Leon F.A.T. results - $2500 NET profit in just 12 days
Josh FAT results so easy
FAT results Kevin Furay january 2023
F.A.T. Results Dustin
Shawn F.A.T. Method results - 20 clients in 7 days
Ryan F.A.T. results - 7 clients in 10 days

Are You Reading These? The F.A.T. Method is the REAL DEAL!

FAT results Sharon Jackson
F.A.T. Results Kelsey
Kelsey results 2nd F.A.T. group in less than 10 weeks
Daniel Meng results FAT
Vickie FAT Results 2

Here's What F.A.T. Method Coaches Are Saying...

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Here’s Everything You Get If You’re Decisive and Quick Enough to Grab a Spot Before They're All Gone


You get to use The F.A.T. Method™ trademarked name brand. This is a HUGE deal, because it creates so much curiosity and attention - which is the “currency” of marketing. Nothing can be sold without first getting attention. ($4000 value now, will soon be $10,000+)

  • 30-Day Fast Start Launch Plan

Step-by-step marketing action plan for launching and getting your first 5-10 clients in 30 days. Even if you decide to launch with a discounted price point, with just 5 clients you’ll cover your investment in just 30 days, and with 10 you'll double your R.O.I. And that is just the beginning! ($500 value)

  • Almost 100 F.A.T. Method™ Testimonials

Because you are offering The F.A.T. Method™ program, you can ethically use The F.A.T. Method™ testimonials. And they are spectacular. In fact, they are your #1 marketing/sales tool. You get them in a variety of formats that are powerful and simple to use, like this montage video...($2000 value - actually priceless)

  • Hundreds of Facebook Posts

Over a year’s worth of posts on fitness, mindset and nutrition that get attention, engage prospects and keep them focused on your solution. You don’t have to figure out what to say/post…Kevin has already done that for you! ($500 value)

  • FB Messenger Scripts and Tools

You’ll do 95% of your “selling” (if you can call it that) on FB messenger and email (yes, it’s that easy). Kevin has provided you with the simple scripts and tools (like The F.A.T. Method™ FAQ) you can send to people when they message you wanting more information. But the truth is that the testimonials from this program do all the selling for you. You’ll never have to “pressure” someone to buy. ($250 value)

  • Done for You Emails

Emails for selling the program to people who ask questions, and emails for fulfillment. ($250 value)

  • 8 Pre-Recorded Fulfillment Videos

This is the core of the fulfillment system. Kevin gives you his coaching/training videos to use (or you can record your own modeling what Kevin says). ($1000 value)

  • Group Management Best Practices and Tools

The tips and tricks and best practices Kevin has developed from managing over 500 clients in his Facebook user group, and hundreds more in his free group. ($100 value)

  • Weekly Zoom Call Templates

You’ll provide weekly Q&A Zoom calls to your clients to supplement the pre-recorded coaching/training videos. All you do on the Zoom calls is answer your clients’ questions! How easy is that? ($100 value)

  • Holiday/Special Event Campaign

A step-by-step action plan for exploding your profits on major holidays and special events throughout the year, like New Years, Valentine's Day, St. Paddy's Day, Fourth of July, back to school, Halloween, etc. Done right, these special opportunities can produce BIG paydays for you. ($500 value)

  • Advertising Campaign

Take a look at these screenshots from inside one of our Coaches accounts. If you're familiar with Facebook advertising, you know these numbers are phenomenal! When you get your ads going, you can generate weight loss clients on auto-pilot.

FB ad results FAT Method
FB ad results FAT Method part 2
  • Strategic Alliance Campaign

Even if you're an online business, it makes sense to "fish in your own local pond". And if you're a brick and mortar, then it's obviously essential. We'll give you the marketing system for generating local business referral partners (strategic alliances) that can send you a steady stream of weight loss clients. ($500 value)

  • Corporate Marketing Campaign

You will get a low cost, high impact marketing system for generating small business and corporate contracts with weight loss groups of 10, 20, 40 even 50+ employees at a time...from ONE business. ($500 value)

  • Weight Loss Study Campaign

This one has the potential to be the biggest of them all. We even have the attention of a top cardiologist at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country. The F.A.T. Method Brand could become a household name, and you'd have the exclusive opportunity to sell it. ($500 value)

  • Member site and FB Group Support

You’ll get instant access to our Member site with all the training and tools PLUS a private Facebook Group just for F.A.T. Method™ Coaches so you can get super fast support and ongoing training with direct access to Kevin and me. ($1000 value)

  • ONE FULL YEAR of Expert Coaching and Accountability

Kevin built his F.A.T. Method business from nothing and generated 516+ clients in 23 months, earning six figures PART TIME. He's been there, done that and got the t-shirt. There's no issue you can run into that he has not successfully handled. Just do what he tells you to do. I've (Eric) been in the industry since 1998, have helped over ten thousand fit pros get more clients and make more money, sold over $10M in products and services online, another $10M offline, and am widely regarded as one of the premier marketing and copywriting experts in the industry. 

You get both of us for ONE FULL YEAR. You'd pay 2x-3x more JUST for 12-16 weeks of coaching from others. We give you a full year of coaching AND the smoking HOT, in-DEMAND, incredibly SUCCESSFUL product to sell. The difference in value is strikingly obvious. ($10,000 value)


If you're able to secure one of the limited number of spots available, you will be joining a high-level group of top performers. "Salty" veteran fitness business owners who execute and make things happen. The kind of smart, successful fit pros who KNOW an amazing opportunity when they see one...and grab it! If I listed their names here, you'd certainly recognize many of them. So if you like to put yourself in an environment of real ballers who know how to win and help others around them raise their game...this is for you.

To summarize, you get EVERYTHING you need to potentially duplicate Kevin’s 516+ clients, six-figure NET profit, ultra-simple business just like our other Coaches are:

What you get in the F.A.T. Method License

You’re getting the BRAND, the SYSTEMS (marketing and fulfillment) and the SUPPORT you need to potentially go from zero to six-figures in your very first year.

With incredibly high profit margins so you keep more of what you make.

And It's Just So Simple...

F.A.T. Justin so simple


We’re offering The F.A.T. Method™ as an annual license.

Very soon, the annual license will be $3,600.

But you won’t pay that, if you act quickly.

You won’t even pay $2,800. Which would still be a steal.

We’re willing to give a substantial discount to those who are decisive and quick enough to grab a spot before they're all gone.

I Keep My Word

If you saw our first few launches, then you saw how the price has steadily increased each time in order to more appropriately reflect the awesome value of this program.

So grab your spot before your competition does, and you can lock-in this still crazy low investment before the price goes up again.

TEXT ME (Eric Ruth) YOUR QUESTIONS: (703) 831-7305

Yes, that’s my real number. And I’ll personally respond. Just please be respectful and text ONLY. Thanks.

Just $745* today

Then two more payments of $745, the first in 30 days, the second in 60 days.

Or take an INSTANT DISCOUNT of $240 with just one payment of $1995*.
Your choice.

*This licensing fee covers your first $250,000 in sales of The F.A.T. Method™. For sales revenue over $250,000 per year, there is a 5% royalty.

This is an annual license. But you have no obligation to continue after your first year. We will notify you 30 days in advance of your renewal date and ask you if you want to continue licensing The F.A.T. Method™ for another year. If not, we’ll cancel your license and give it to someone else. But most sane people won’t give up the Golden Goose, so we’re pretty confident you’ll want to renew and keep making six-figures to help people lose weight.

Kelsey on quality of F.A.T. group

30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Here it is in writing (take a screen shot for your records):

Just implement the simple, step-by-step Fast Start Marketing Plan for 30 consecutive days and you will make at least TRIPLE your first month's investment. will have successfully launched a new income stream or business that can easily make you $100K to $200K per year!

If you pay in full, we guarantee that if you implement the simple, step-by-step Fast Start Marketing Plan for 30 consecutive days, you will make enough in your first 30 days to completely cover that investment (and more) before your credit card bill comes due in 30 days.

Kevin and I are taking all the risk off your shoulders and putting it on ours. All we ask is that you take action consistently for 30 days and show us your work should you request a refund. Because we do NOT want “dabblers”. We’re looking for people who are committed (not just interested) to adding a six-figure income stream to their existing business, or using this as a stand-alone business to make six-figures in your first year.

If you are a serious person, we will help you make serious money with The World's Greatest Weight Loss Program! Guaranteed!


We continue to raise the price in $500 increments until we reach our $3,600 target. If you wait, you will pay more, or possibly miss out entirely should we adopt an area exclusive strategy, which many of our Coaches are asking for. Simply put, this has a MASSIVE value-to-price ratio. Read the Facebook posts and watch the videos from F.A.T. Method Coaches above if you are still skeptical.


Yes, that’s my real number. And I’ll personally respond. Just please be respectful and text ONLY. Thanks.

- Eric Ruth

P.S. Decisiveness is a hallmark of effective entrepreneurs. You already know what you should do. This is too real and too good to pass up. If you have a burning question, TEXT ME. Otherwise, grab your spot now before they're all gone.

The F.A.T. Method... REVEALED!

F.A.T. Method Explained

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