500% ROI Guarantee

Limited To Just 18 Fitness Professionals - At The Lowest Price This Will Ever Be Offered

Enrollment Deadline: Monday May 9 @ 10 PM Eastern Time​


How To Get More Clients and Double Your Monthly Revenue Within 90 Days...Without Spending Any More Money On Marketing

Eric Ruth, Camelia Ruth, Dick Chilton

Eric and Camelia Ruth, daughters Hana and Heather, with great friends and mentors, Dick and Kit Chilton

From Eric Ruth

Orlando, FL

April 28, 2016

Dear Fitness Professional,

Camelia Ruth (formerly Camelia Herndon), Dick Chilton and I are looking for just 18 fitness professionals who want to grow their business revenue quickly.​

​If you’re one of those people, we will personally work with you to generate more clients and immediately increase your income…

Without you paying even one more dollar than you already are for advertising or marketing​.

And everything is backed by our 500% ROI Guarantee. So there's no way you can lose.​

Here's how we're going to get you more clients and make you more money...

You probably already know there are only 3 ways to grow your business:

  1. Get more clients.
  2. Get clients to buy more.
  3. Get clients to buy more frequently.

We're going to focus on just the first two, because they produce more revenue for your business, faster.

And like I said, we're going to do that without you incurring any additional marketing or advertising expense.

So you get new clients and new revenue...

For Free

And it can happen fast - within weeks.

But this is NOT just a "quick hit" one-time client and cash flow surge.

  • This is the one and only business building strategy that ultimately matters - because everything else in your business depends on it.​
  • There is nothing else that impacts your income and daily enjoyment of business more than this.
  • It's the "little hinge" that swings the mightiest door in your business.

Of course I'm talking about your ability to...

Consistently Sell Your Services...for What They're Really Worth

Odds are that right now you're experiencing one or both of these two business-crippling problems:​

  1. You're not converting enough of your consultations into sales.​
  2. You're not selling your services at prices that produce enough profit.

Either way, you're not making the money you want to make -- so you can't afford to grow your business or create any financial security for you or your family because -- 

Selling is the ONLY way your business generates revenue.

And selling at the right price is the ONLY way your business can be profitable and sustainable.

Everything else you do in business...costs you money.

  • Marketing and advertising cost you money -- which is only recovered if you close clients (at the right price).
  • Providing services costs you money in wages and other overhead -- which is paid for out of client sales.

Everything you do in business is a COST...except for selling.

So doesn't it make sense to get really damn good at it?

Of course it does, because...​

Selling is the ONE & ONLY Skill​ That EVERYTHING In Your Fitness Business Depends On

And when you learn to sell the right way, the only question then becomes...

How much more money do you want to make?

If you could double your income as soon as next month, without getting any more leads than you already are, and without any additional marketing or advertising costs to eat into your profits...would that get you excited?

Here's how...​

ChangeMaker Fitness Sales System Training

​The numbers above are for example purposes only based on our experience working with thousands of fitness business owners. Only you know what your numbers look like.

Maybe you're closing better than 50%. If so, that's great -- as long as you've got plenty of profit built into your prices.

Because anybody can take an order. But order takers never get ahead. Order takers are buyers, not sellers. Because you're buying your own self-imposed limiting beliefs about why you can't sell.

Leverage Points

In the example above, the only difference between this month and next month​ is that you discovered how to close a higher percentage of your leads at a price that accurately reflects the value you deliver...

...so you earn what you're worth.

And those two small changes double your new client revenue each month (from $600 to $1,200) and double your average client lifetime value (from $3,600 to $7,200).

That Means You're Producing 100% More Money...Without Any More Work

You CAN'T find that kind of leverage anywhere else in your business. Selling is the ultimate leverage point.​

​But there's something you need to know that nobody's telling you...

The "Magic" is NOT in the Process or the Presentation

​Yes, there is a fitness sales process that works best, and we'll teach it to you.

And there's a fitness sales presentation format that works best - you'll get that too.

But none of that matters if the person you're talking to doesn't feel right about you.

Because before they buy your services, first they have to...

Buy You.

​And that – right there – is what gives so many business owners “sales anxiety.”

You know that. We all know that. Anyone who’s ever sold anything intuitively knows that prospects are buying you first.

And that’s why a “no thanks” is like a kick in the gut…

It's a Personal Rejection

Lots of sales trainers say, “Don’t sweat that. It’s a numbers game. Next!”

And the truth is that nobody closes them all…unless they’re selling cheap stuff.

But there’s a BIG problem with the “It’s a numbers game” mentality…

It Drains Your Bank Account

Because it costs you money to get that sales opportunity. Lead generation is expensive (if you’re not closing…at the right price).

So not only did you get personally rejected…you also paid for it!

But it gets worse…

Because every time you don’t close, a seed of doubt sprouts in your head.

And you start wondering what the hell you’re doing wrong.

Which inevitably undermines your confidence the next time you sit down with a prospect.

It’s like a hitter’s slump in baseball. Your mechanics may be right, but your head isn’t.

And just like a hitter’s slump can wreck your career…

A selling slump can wreck your business.

Because the first thing you start thinking is…

My Prices Are Too High!

And when you cut prices, you lose profits (and undermine the value of your services).

And you do NOT want to be the “discount provider” in your area. That’s a loser’s game…

Because you can’t make up for bad economics with more volume.

What I’m getting at here is this absolute, irrefutable FACT…​

Selling Consistently At The Right Price is The MASTER KEY to a Strong, Profitable and Rewarding business.​

Because without that ability, all you've got is a crazy hard JOB...with no paid sick leave, no paid vacation, no health benefits and definitely no 9-5 hours.

You're essentially a manual laborer...with a boat load of responsibility, probably some debt, and lottery-winning odds of ever getting ahead.

It is THAT serious.

All the marketing in the world won't help if you can't consistently close clients at PROFITABLE prices.

Without that you will burn out or bleed out.

End of story.

If that makes sense to you, and you want help from the most qualified and proven sales trainers in the fitness industry, then let me introduce you to...

ChangeMaker Fitness Sales System

​3 BIG Reasons Why CHANGEMAKER™ is Unique, Different and Better:

  1. ​It is real, LIVE sales training (via Zoom video conference where we see you and you see us). This is huge because personal coaching is the fastest, most certain way for you to master the one and only skill that everything in your fitness business depends on. (See below for more vital info about this.)
  2. You’re coached by the two best fitness sales trainers I’ve ever known, my wife Camelia Ruth (formerly Camelia Herndon) and Dick Chilton (the man who created what was, until now, the best fitness sales system on the planet). Camelia and Dick have trained hundreds of fitness professionals how to sell effectively and for maximum profit. And now they’ve collaborated to create CHANGEMAKER™ - a quantum leap in fitness sales system training.
  3. CHANGEMAKER™ training has a 500% ROI Guarantee. If you don’t earn at least 5x (five times) your investment before your training ends, we’ll give you back every penny you gave us. That’s how certain we are this will make you more money than any other sales program, system or training you’ve ever tried. With this guarantee, there's no way you can lose.


CHANGEMAKER™ is new. So I don’t have testimonials to show you. But here’s the proof I do have:

I just turned 50. Until I was 32, I never made more than $50K/year. In the last 18 years I've sold almost $23 million dollars in products and services and earned more than most folks do in a lifetime. I'm not telling you this to brag - only to make this point:

I was able to make that huge shift because I got crystal clear on exactly how to do it: create in-demand products and services with exceptional value, build in enough of a margin to make them profitable (then add a little more for murphy)...and get really damn good at selling them.

That's how I built one of the largest, most dominant fitness business development companies in the world (NPE), and then sold it for a nice chunk of change.

Camelia Ruth (you might remember her as Camelia Herndon from her NPE days) was a Price Waterhouse small business Project Manager for many years, then became a Fitness Together studio owner. She quickly grew her fitness business to seven figures​ and became FT Franchisee of the Year. Then she sold it and came to work for me at NPE where she was voted Fitness Business Coach of the Year by our clients. One of her primary coaching duties was sales training.

Camelia left NPE after I sold the company and started her own business, Common Goal Coaching. As soon as word got out, she was booked solid with clients, many of them former NPE clients. They followed her because there's nobody else out there as good as she is.

Dick Chilton worked with Camelia and me at NPE where he created the best-selling fitness sales system in the history of this industry.​ If you're a former NPE customer, you've certainly heard about it. Dick has taught more fitness professionals how to sell - the right way - than any other person I know of.

As a 30-year veteran salesman and sales team manager (prior to NPE), Dick sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products and services. He is a legitimate, battle-tested sales EXPERT. But unlike a lot of top sales pros​, Dick is also an expert teacher and mentor of salespeople.

​After lessons learned from 8 years of teaching hundreds of fitness professionals how to sell, Dick and Camelia went back to the drawing board and created CHANGEMAKER™-- a transformative sales training process that is a quantum leap forward for this industry -- because it changes the way you think about selling. And make no mistake, selling is 90% "inner game".

Here's What You Get & How 
CHANGEMAKER™ Training Works

Core Training Modules:

You get 3 CHANGEMAKER™modules with video training and PDF tools teaching you the entire system. We use video and PDF here because these are resources you'll want to refer back to. You can access these modules 24/7 inside our secure content delivery website. Included in these modules are:

  • Mindset and Belief System Checklist - how to isolate and eliminate the "head trash"
  • Effective Listening Checklist - how to hear what's really being said (the secret to getting inside their head)
  • CHANGEMAKER™Sales System Process - Step by step process for selling the right way
  • CHANGEMAKER™Presentation format and key elements - how to put together a presentation that builds value and sells at the right price
  • Scripts for transitioning from one step of the process to the next
  • Probing questions - a list of questions that get to the heart of the matter
  • How to close the right way, at the right price, every time
  • Objection handling steps, samples and scripts
  • Power Development Triangle - The secret to ethical influence and persuasion
  • Greasing the Groove - Creating effective sales "muscle memory" so you get stronger, more efficient and effective quickly
  • Sales debriefing worksheet - used to analyze and optimize for continued rapid improvement and mastery
  • Sales tracking worksheet - what is watched and measured inevitably improves

The entire system is included in the core training modules and has a real value of $495.

Personal Coaching & Training

Personal coaching and training is delivered via bi-weekly zoom.us live video conference. You and your fellow CHANGEMAKER™members join the conference for live practice sessions, role playing, Q&A and a deeper dive into crucial elements of the system.

We keep the group small and manageable so everyone has the opportunity to practice their presentation and interact directly with us. This involves role playing so we can isolate any problems with your process. Nobody is forced to participate, but the most value will be gained by participating. Like everything in life, practice makes perfect...but even more important is practicing in front of an expert coach who can evaluate and "cue" you. You know what a difference-maker that kind of real-time feedback is from your own experience coaching clients. 

You get 12 bi-weekly, 60-minute personal coaching and training sessions with us. Which is plenty of time to master the one and only skill that everything in your business depends on. You may only need 6-8 sessions to really nail everything down - but will still want to attend additional sessions to keep sharpening the axe (which we highly recommend).

Let me be clear about this -- when learning to sell the right way, NOTHING is more important than an expert coach giving you real-time feedback and answering your questions. Mastering selling is about mastering your mind first, because people have to buy you first before they'll buy your services.

You get 12-one hour small group coaching and training sessions with us. A real value of $2400.

As a 30-year veteran salesman and sales team manager (prior to NPE), Dick sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products and services. He is a legitimate, battle-tested sales EXPERT. But unlike a lot of top sales pros​, Dick is also an expert teacher and mentor of salespeople.

​After lessons learned from 8 years of teaching hundreds of fitness professionals how to sell, Dick and Camelia went back to the drawing board and created CHANGEMAKER™-- a transformative sales training process that is a quantum leap forward for this industry -- because it changes the way you think about selling. And make no mistake, selling is 90% "inner game".