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For gym, bootcamp and studio owners who understand the secret to getting what YOU want…is helping your members get what THEY want!

Here's the New and Better Way Fitness Businesses Produce 10-30 Pound Weight Loss Results for Clients In Just 60 Days... Without the Complexity and Non-Compliance Hassles of “Traditional” Nutrition Programs

  • UNLIKE any other nutrition program you’ve seen or used before. Produces 10-30 pound weight loss in just 60 days in the healthiest, most natural way, even for clients who love pizza and beer a little too much.
  • NOT a Supplement or Drug. No meals, pills, injections, powders or potions to buy; and no special equipment necessary.
  • IMPLEMENT Immediately. The Blueprint shows you exactly what the solution is and how to put it to work in your fitness business right away.
  • WHY should you bother? Because producing see-it-in-the-mirror results for your members quickly and easily is THE #1 BEST WAY to differentiate your business from the competition, minimize churn, maximize retention, referrals and 5-star reviews so your business grows predictably and profitably from the inside out. Because we know that 70% of resultsis about nutrition!

Eric Ruth is an award-winning, 2X Inc 500 fitness marketing strategist and copywriter, and 24-year industry veteran who's worked with many of the most respected fitness business owners in the United States and internationally.

This Simple Nutrition Solution is Also a Powerful Revenue and Referral Generator for Your Fitness Business!

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